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CCSSM- Teachers

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CCSSM Resources for K-5 Teachers


Have a question? E-mail Drew.... drew.polly@uncc.edu.


  Resources for Teachers
What do the CCSSM look like in North Carolina?

NCDPI Common Core Resources for Grades K-5:


-Unpacking documents for each grade level- 30-40 pages of descriptions and examples for each grade level.

-Lessons for Learning with activities

-A unit for each grade level focusing on a major concept

What do the Standards for Practice look like? Standards for Mathematical Practice Across Grade Levels
What vocabulary words are critical in each grade? Math Vocabulary List for the Grade Levels
What if I don't have standards-based curriculum and want help with pacing? 

Benchmarks and Pacing by CCSSM Standards

(Created by Drew and teacher-leaders in the Charlotte area)

Kindergarten , 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

 Curriculum Resources/Tasks NC DPI K-2 Formative Tasks Website
  Georgia Department of Education Units: Grades K-5, Grades 6-8

These are aligned to the benchmarks/pacing that is above.

Kindergarten1st Grade


Problems of the Month from Inside Mathematics

Inside Mathematics website

  Illustrative Mathematics
  K-5 Math Teaching Resources


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