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Possible Lesson Planning Format


Aspect Description
Math Routine/Number Talk- 8-10 minutes

Number Talks                                                                                                               

Estimation tasks- Estimation180.com
Notice/Wonder Tasks

Launch - 3-5 minutes

Introduce the Explore Task

3 Reads Protocol

Ask students to retell what the problem is about 

Avoid- suggesting specific strategies or showing them what to do.

Explore - 8-15 minutes
*time depends on grade level and rigor of task


Allow students to work in pairs and/or small groups


Consider open-ended or multi-part/multi-step tasks 

Discuss - 5-8 minutes

Have students (not teacher) share strategies.  
Here are some suggestions.
Differentiated/ Personalized Experiences  - rest of math block

Incorporate a variety of activities  

Teacher-facilitated small groups

Math games- tools4nctteachers.com games

Independent practice activities 

Computer supported learning in small amounts.



Inquiry Based Approach (4E Model) 
Overview Article, Launch, explore, discuss brief

Suggestions for using the 4E Model with other curricula:
    Envisions Math

    Engage NY/Eureka Math

     READY Math 


Examples- www.tools4ncteachers.comhttp://www.tools4ncteachers.com  





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