Unit Guides

About the Unit Guides

These Unit Guides have been written by TERC to support professional development with Investigations. All of the materials needed to complete each session are included in the Investigations materials. Due to copyright restrictions these documents are password protected.



1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade


Time for Unit Guides

Each unit guide is designed to be approximately 3 hours. For those wishing to shorten the sessions, you may consider:

-completing the assigned reading before the meeting

-discussing the details about the game rather than playing several rounds

It is critical for teachers to read the related materials in the teacher guides, including the dialogue boxes, assessment notes and teacher notes.


Ongoing Professional Development

There is a unit guide for each unit of Investigations. Grade levels are advised to spend time together going through a unit guide before teaching the unit. Most schools find that this is most easily done during elongated planning times.