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Integrating Technology in Elementary School Mathematics




Revised Bloom's Taxonomy


Virtual Manipulatives and Examples of Tasks

Building a Garden

You have 36 yards of fencing for your vegetable garden. If you want to make a rectangular garden that has side lengths that are whole yards long what are the possible dimensions of your garden? Which garden gives you the most space?

Area Explorer link


Perimeter Explorer link

real-life context?

You want to build


Area/Perimeter- 3.10, 3.11, 5.8 (a, b)


Pan Balance 

Task- Find the values of the various shapes.

Real-life context?

Choose Set 6.

Cereal boxes now come in different shaped boxes. Miniwheats come in a square box and cost $1. Use the balance to find the price of Bran flakes (circular box), Tangerine Charms (Triangular box), and Organic Mix (Kite shaped box).

Article on students working with set 1.

Algebra/Balance-  3.2, 4.4, 4.16 (a), 5.18


Triangle Construction

Benefits? Drawbacks?




Factor Game and Product Game

Fraction Game

Kakooma- Two-digit addition puzzles

Arithmetic Four, Estimator Four

What do these games allow students to work on?




Bounded Fraction Pointer

Venn Diagram


Ladybug Maze

Diagonals of Quadrilaterals


Thinking Blocks




Base-10 Blocks

Cuisenaire Rods

Pattern Blocks






Web 2.0 tools and Projects

Powerpoint and SlideShare- Geometry Scavenger hunt

Math Casts created by K-5 students

Blogs- Benefits



Interactive WhiteBoard

Question of the Day Mimio Example

SMART Board Lessons

Mimio Connect

Promethean Planet


Repositories of Virtual Manipulatives

Interactivate at Shodor

NCTM Illuminations

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Internet for Classrooms Links

Harcourt Brace eLab

Drew's Diigo Group of Virtual Manipulatives

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