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Welcome to Elemath


This page holds resources for elementary mathematics teachers. If you are interested in contributing materials to the wiki please e-mail Drew Polly (drew.polly@uncc.edu). Use the sidebar to navigate.


Link to NC Tools 4 Teachers website, link to Tools Extended resources here


 Resources for Math Planning, New- math planning protocol! 


Units and Curriculum Resources


Professional Development Resources


Teacher resources on algorithms and strategies


End of Grade test preparation advice



Examples of Addition and subtraction problem types, nice handout on CGI

CGI Common Core tables- addition/subtraction; multiplication/division


Overview of Common Core article in Teaching Children Mathematics


Investigations Curriculum Resources


4th Grade MD resources, 4th Grade NF.1 and NF.2 Resources



Puzzles and math games


Area and Perimeter resources


What is meant by algorithms in the common core? Read this.


Curriculum units written by CMS and adapted from Investigations 1st Edition


William & Mary 2011 Mathematics Day

Virtual Manipulatives Presentation Resources

Fractions and problem solving resources


Wiki basics


Technology PD (Summer, 2011)




equal sharing vids, 6x4 grid mimio





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